The Story of Mirsad Selimbegović

Mirsad Selimbegović was born and raised in Yugoslavia.  He has decided now is the time to share his emotional story of being held captive for many months in military and concentration camps during the war and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-1995.  His hope by coming forward is that perhaps it will serve as a reminder of mans inhumanity to man, and will prevent such genocides and atrocities from happening in the future.  Sharing his story, as you will hear, also provides a time for personal healing some 29 years later.

The Story of Adis Ziga Part II

We continue our conversation with Adis Ziga as he shares his vivid childhood memories of the war, the atrocities that he witnessed, and the emotional homecoming with his father.  For months Adis and his family had no idea if he was dead or alive after he and so many other men and boys fled to the mountains surrounding Zepa and Rogatica, to escape the inevitable at the time for them, genocide.

The Story of Adis Ziga

Adis Ziga was born in Yugoslavia in the municipality Rogatica on April 21, 1983.  He grew up in the village of Žepa, which is located in Rogatica, and also became one of three Bosniak enclaves in eastern Bosnia that were surround by the Army of the Republic Srpska during the war. Adis has come forward to share his story and vivid memories of the war, the atrocities that he witnessed and his flight to freedom with his mother, sister and niece, while his father sought refuge in the hillsides surrounding Zepa and Rogatica, as had many other men and boys, in order escape the realities of the ongoing ethnic cleansing.  The following is the first of two interviews we have conducted with Adis.